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April 16, 2012: Meeting with AIAC

Beppe Sammut on April 16 met the coaches in a training evening organized by the coaches of Vicenza, to talk about communication, motivation and coaching in leading a team sport. 

Sammarco is currently the coach of Lonigo that plays in the first category, in addition to being coach for several years in youth football and the Vicenza responsible for basic tasks and football school over time has become an expert on effective communication gaining a Masters in Coaching and GNP, with particular regard to communication in sport.

And 'the creator of the project "Formation winning" which consists of a series of seminars on communication and coaching aimed at coaches and those interested in improving their communication skills ( ). 

During the evening we talked about the new scenario that is presented to amateur and youth with fewer and fewer companies and more and more coaches, reversing the trend of the year 90 to 2000 when the offer for "mister" was much more high. 

In times of crisis, economic resources, companies are oriented to choose who can offer quality and above average skills and at the same time also low cost!

So you need to implement the technical knowledge and tactics with the ability to interact effectively with both the team and with individual players in an environment where you look more and more to the immediate results and less and less to the medium-and long-term . 

Topics such as communication, motivation, and especially the coaching activities aimed at recognizing the resources of the people by helping them to achieve their goals, these days must be within the reach of all, since the imposition of the methodology is quite classic and traditional outdated and the athlete always wants to find a purpose and a strong motivation in what he does. 

Today, the coach must be a source of knowledge, experience, competence, quality and growth facility for the team and to be entrusted full responsibility in relationships and in relationships within the team and with the top management. 

It 's always more appreciated the technical solutions-oriented than someone who focuses on the problems, those who are open to dialogue than those still using authoritarian methods and taxation. 

So part of the evening was devoted to practical advice on the management of language, mood and channels of communication used with particular regard to learning styles, focusing particularly on those who receive the communication and what is necessary know in order to get a better result in terms of communication. 

In conclusion, it was treated the subject most anticipated by engineers. There was talk of team motivation, techniques and strategies that the coach needs to know to get an excellent performance by the team.

Were analyzed in detail the various forms of self-motivation, rituals and strategies of the pre-race and the state of mind that is most useful to the technician according to the different circumstances or situations that are created before, during and after the race.

The meeting was very fruitful and exciting that will be repeated at the beginning of the next season, to give engineers a few more elements that can increase the body of knowledge essential to be able to lead a team in the best way.

Associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio
Sezione di Vicenza