In 1997 obtained the UEFA Pro Licence, placed first in a master's degree with a thesis on the FIGC 4-3-3. He has given seminars in Italy and abroad. Graduated with honors at ISEF in Padua with a thesis: "the tactic in football."



A 24 year-old engineer youth of Padua, where he trains a young Alessandro Del Piero. In 1990 he won the Italian title with the young category. From 1991 to 1994, he moved to the youth of Milan, leading the Spring and entering into collaboration with Fabio Capello. At 32 get its first bench in Serie C1 in Casarano. Begins a series of experiences between Series C and Series B (Lodi, Pescara, Viterbo, Lucchese, Treviso, Vicenza and Modena). Collect 200 and 78 benches in Serie C1 to Serie B.

He teaches at the school coaches FIGC in Coverciano and member of the committee for the development of youth football (competitive area) at the FIGC Technical Sector.

On 4 August 2010 he was appointed vice-coordinator of the National Youth Cup. It is also responsible for scouting the National youth (talent identification manager). By European 2012 he joined the technical staff Prandelli with an assistant.


He published the following works:

How To Make Goal, The New Football, Milan 2008, CD for PC

Transitions, editions, Bozzano, 2009, book more DVDs

Posessi ball editions, Bozzano, 2010, book more DVDs

Games editions position, Bozzano 2011, Book plus DVD

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